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Quality Car Wrap Sydney from Experienced Teams

Quality Car Wrap Sydney from Experienced Teams
Quality Car Wrap Sydney from Experienced Teams

Quality Car Wrap Sydney from Experienced Teams

Many industries provide various services in automotive wrapping and window tinting as well as residential or commercial tinting to the signage and wall graphics, but there’s no better car wrap Sydney than Epic Tint and Wraps. What makes them special, more than the similar industries?

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Various Services Provided by Epic Tint & Wraps

Epic Tint & Wraps offer some different services, including window tinting, paint protection film, and vehicles wrapping. Each service provided by Epic Tint & Wraps is special. Let’s take a look at the quality of each service you can get from the Epic Tint & Wraps.

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1. Vehicles Wrapping

When you’re looking for the best vehicle wrap Sydney, think of Epic Ting & Wraps that will transform your vehicles’ appearances to your own preferences. Wrapping a vehicle is a big decision to make. You may wonder if the wrapper can do it properly or not.

Or you may worry about the result. Will it be durable? Will your car become more incredible with the new wrapping? That’s why you need to trust your vehicle to Epic Tint & Wraps. There are some reasons why you can trust Epic Tint & Wraps.

  • 1. Easy car wrapping application

    The wrap films used by Epic Tint & Wraps will cover almost all body panels and leave no seams at all. The surface of the wrap films is low friction. So the installers of wrap films can slide squeegees over the films evenly in order to prevent any surface impressions and bubbles.

  • 2. Quality of the wrap films

    Epic Tint & Wraps uses wrap films that have over 100 shades, all of them look stunning and have various finishes and textures. The films are also durable, especially against the UV rays, small scratches, humidity, and high temperatures. You are free to run your vehicle under any weather.

Vehicle wrap Sydney is not the only best service you can get. Vehicle branding is another available service. If you have a business vehicle but it doesn’t have any company brand on it, send the vehicle and your attractive business branding platform to Epic Ting & Wraps.

You’ll end up with an attractive vehicle that will represent your business and do the promotion to help you expand and grow your business.

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2. Window Tinting

Next service provided for the customers of Epic Tint & Wraps is window tinting. This service is available for automotive tinting, commercial tinting, and residential tinting. For automotive tinting, there are 3 different products you can choose.

  • 1. Ceramic Vortex

    There are some benefits of this product. Ceramic vortex window tinting Sydney will block the UV rays that may cause skin cancer so you will drive comfortably in the car. This window tint will also reject the solar energy but is signal friendly. What does it mean?

    The signal friendly technology won’t bother you when you need to use GPS navigation, mobile phones, satellite radio, or other electronic devices. The color of this window tint is black, it will minimize any uncomfortable glare from the outside.

  • 2. Ceramic

    Then there are ceramic films used by Epic Tint & Wraps for customers who need non metal technology that offers heat protection, style, and comfort at once. This product will reject the infrared rays and heat, as well as the harmful UV rays, so everyone inside will feel more comfortable.

  • 3. HP Supreme

    Last product you’ll find in this quality window tinting Sydney is the HP Supreme which is one of best hybrid films. This product is what you want if privacy is everything for you. HP Supreme has excellent rejecting performance that will keep the solar heat out of the car.

    HP Supreme also has a coating that is resistant to scratching. Three different amazing shades ara available to be chosen.

Window tint offers many benefits. One unique benefit is it will lower your fuel cost. How is it possible? Tinted windows can help reject the heat. Since the heat won’t enter the car, the interior will stay cool and it means you don’t have to use the air conditioning system at a high level.

Low level or air conditioning system means you can lower the fuel consumption. Some extra benefits you can get is getting more privacy. Bad guy won’t be able to see if you left your smartphone and wallet inside the car. Your car will be more secure than ever.

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3. Paint Protection Film

If you love the color of your vehicle and are not interested in covering it with vehicle wrap film that will hide its gorgeous color, consider the last service provided by Epic Tint & Wraps. The PPF or paint protection film Sydney is the best solution to maintain your vehicle’s beauty.

There are 2 options available. First one is the clear high gloss option and the second one is the matte option. Both options will help you maintain the vehicle finishes’ integrity and beauty for many more years. What benefits will you get from this paint protection film?

  • 1. Better appearance for the vehicle

    The film has a wonderful technology called self healing tech. This tech is using the heat from the sun or from the vehicle’s engine in order to repair itself. The film will also protect your car from damages that are caused by road debris like insects, salt, and rocks.

  • 2. Paint protection film and its durability

    The top coat that is used by Epic Tint & Wraps is special. It has the hydro resist technology that will increase the resistance of stain as well as the longevity of the paint protection film. How does it work? The tech will limit the dirt and water accumulation on the surface of that film.

What if someday I want to remove the PPF? Will it hurt my car? The paint protection film Sydney from Epic Tint & Wraps is a stretchable film that is specially designed to cover your vehicle’s parts perfectly. When the film leaves your car, there will be no stains or harm left.

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The quality of the product must be your major consideration when you’re going to apply PPF, window tint, or vehicle wrap. Another important factor to think about is the quality of the installer. Experienced team in Epic Tint & Wraps will make sure that your vehicle gets the best protection and covers.